Gen II T-Post Mount Package (Includes 5 Mounts)

$124.99 $99.99


Gen II T-Post Mount Package (Includes 5 Mounts)

$124.99 $99.99

Gen II T-Post Target Mount Package (Includes 5 Mounts)


MK Machining is offering an incredible value with our Gen II T-Post Target Mount Package (Includes 5 Mounts) for just 99.99 Shipped!


New Redesigned Gen II T-Post Target Mount. Lightweight and simple to use, our Gen II T-Post Mount now features a wrench cutout for 1/2-13 bolts and a one-piece design. Hang targets via a single spring-loaded carriage bolt for enhanced audibility and target ring.  Our T-Post Target Mount clamps onto a standard T-post for a durable and extremely economical option on your range.  All hardware is certified Grade 8, including the carriage bolt.  Targets are hung at approximately a 15 degree angle to direct bullet splatter down, and held under spring tension for a more audible and forgiving impact compared to solid mounted targets. The new Gen II Mount allows all the features of our “Enhanced T-Post Mount” at a lower cost. Add the T-Post Mount Adapter for use with larger, multiple bolt targets. Hang a T-Post Protector off the mount for a long-lasting setup. A 4″ target will protect the front of the Gen II T-Post Mount.

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Weight 85 oz


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