Pro Series Throw Levers

MK Machining is excited to announce our Pro Series Throw Levers. The Pro Series combines the strength and durability of our polymer levers with surface finish of molded parts. Our Pro Series Line is manufactured using a HP Fusion Jet 3D Printer. MK Machining is excited to utilize advanced printing techniques and materials to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Pro Series Levers with initially be available in select Vortex, Kahles, and Leupold models in either black or grey, with additional models becoming available in the near future. As with all MK Machining products our Pro Series Throw Levers feature a life time warranty

Available models
Kahles 525i / 318i
Kahles 624i / 312i

Leupold MK 5 HD

Vortex A
Vortex Strike Eagle 1 – 8
Vortex Razor LH
Vortex Razor Gen II
Vortex Viper Gen II