MagnetoSpeed Products, Packages, and Accessories

NOW AVAILABLE magnetospeed chronographs, magnetospeed mounts, and package deals. Available NOW  T1000 Hit Indicators.


The MagnetoSpeed is a great chronograph, but can cause a POI, or Point of Impact changes when strapped to a barrel or silencer. Our mount foregoes features a large range of adjustment to work with silencers and muzzle brakes. The mount works with the V3 Ballistic Chronograph and the Sporter Chronograph (with separate Sporter Adapter Available here). For longer setups we also offer an extension kit available here



  • V3 Ballistic Chronograph
  • Sporter Chronograph
  • T1000 Target Hit Indicator
  • V3 Ballistic Chronograph and mount package
  • Sporter Chronograph and mount package
  • T1000 Target Hit Indicator and AR500 steel packages