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Warranty, Return, and Refund Policy

Warranty and Returns: All MK Machining products excluding AR500 Targets are covered by a lifetime warranty. In the event of a product failure, said product will be replaced at no cost to the customer upon a description of the failure and provided photos of failure for continual product improvement. Customer error, such as ordering the wrong model lever or level for their scope will be exchanged at no cost if the customer ships back the incorrectly ordered product with a note explaining the situation. AR500 steel cannot be warrantied due to the impossibility of knowing the exact scenario that led to a damaged target. It is imperative the customer knows the limitations and safety precautions to take when shooting steel. MK Machining sells only Mill Certified AR500, with hardness numbers available directly from the foundry, and steel sheets are cut with a waterjet for the most durable targets possible.