60mm Universal Shade


60mm Universal Shade

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If you have an optic that doesn’t have a sunshade available, want to swap a single shade to multiple scopes, or just want an economical accessory with an extremely quick install our universal sunshade fits the bill.  Printed from PETG polymer, and simply slips over the objective.  Has a silicon coating inside, along with a custom high-strength rubber band  for retention under recoil.  Extends approximately 4″ past objective.

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  1. 1 out of 5

    Not what I was expecting. Thought it was a screw on. Got off of Amazon. Never again plus it’s a cheap grade it was a 60mm I thought it would be steal. Well I was wrong. You wouldn’t won’t this on a 3500.00’scope probably cost 2.00 to make. Hope your other products are better.

    • Larry, it appears you didn’t read the description fully, it states this is a slip-on universal shade. It would be impossible for a universal shade to thread on since different scopes don’t always use the same thread pitch, internal diameter, external diameter, etc. This is made for scopes where shades aren’t available, or someone wants to quickly take it on and off. Of course the material cost is fairly low, as it would be with aluminum. The machine time however is different, the 60mm shades take about 3 hours of machine time to make.

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